The Penfield's


This site is more focused to those Penfield's closest to me, Darren Penfield. That is, those Penfield's that descended from Vincent Penfield (1895-1989). For a more global look at the Penfield's, see a site made by Paul Penfield, my 5th cousin.

Vincent Penfield and Family
Vincent Penfield and Family 1939. From left to right: Sherwood, Miriam, Vincent, Mabel, Carol, Carol's mother-in-law, and Sonny
Mabel Young Mabel Penfield
Housing Housing in Silicon Valley. $400K didn't get you much even back in year 2000
HummingBirds Our redwood tree in our back yard was home of 2 Humming Birds. My wife named them "Hummer" and "SUV" This picture was taken shortly before they left the nest.

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